Summertime BBQ fun with friends and family. Better Backyard Living

Welcome to, America's premier retailer of Do It Yourself (DIY) Patio Cover Kits.

It might be the winter months, but you can start dreaming, sketching, and planning for the fun summer months you'll be sharing with family and friends in your outdoor living space.  And, with the diversity of patio cover kits available from you're sure to find a selection of patio products that will open-the-door to better backyard living.

Start the Journey to Improved Backyard Living

A patio cover is an investment that is worth making.  Why?  Not only does is the value of your home positively impacted, but, more importantly, there is the benefit of your backyard becoming a preferred point of gathering among what is most-valued: family and friends!  That is why the staff at works so hard to provide our customers with the best valued patio products that money can buy. 

Improved backyard living is possible with

Time with Family and Friends

We take pride in the fact that we are a part of something bigger than just selling patio cover kits.  We get to be a part of improving backyard living spaces, so that they are transformed into an inviting environment that fosters increased get-togethers among families and neighbors.

Why doesn't enjoy a good summertime barbecue?  Those BBQ picnic get-togethers will be even more memorable with the hours of conversation that you'll share with family and friends under your new patio cover and patio table.  Let the staff at be a part of your dreaming, sketching, and planning as you make the journey to improved backyard living.

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